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Gerrits & Co boasts a wealth of experience collaborating with clients across diverse business sectors, industries, and regions. This extensive knowledge and proficiency provide our firm with a competitive advantage in the market and enable us to assemble a team of highly-skilled consultants who possess multifarious expertise in the business realm. Consequently, this proficiency empowers us to swiftly comprehend and address the requirements of our clients, as well as devise strategic positioning within their respective industries and markets.


Gerrits & Co has a rich experience in collaborating with a diverse range of clients in various industries, including the cosmetic, food & beverage, technology, and retail sectors. These collaborations have allowed our team to gain valuable insights and develop a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities each industry presents. 

Cultural understanding

Our comprehensive understanding of diverse cultures stems from our extensive experience working with clients from a global spectrum, including Curacao, Netherlands, India, Aruba, United States, and Venezuela, among others. This multicultural exposure equips us to adeptly address the unique needs of our international clientele.


Our core competencies lie in business plan formulation, executing comprehensive market and industry analysis, and providing strategic consultation to startup companies. We excel at crafting detailed business plans that outline the company's mission, vision, products, services, and competitive advantage. This involves conducting thorough research to identify and analyze market trends, opportunities, and potential challenges that startups may encounter in their specific industry.

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